Sarajevo Film Festival

For 28 years, the Sarajevo Film Festival has been one of the main events of the summer, as the city is crowded with visitors from various backgrounds, from celebrities, the film industry, critics and fans.
This year’s festival will started on 12 August , lasting for an entire week, during which audience had the opportunity to watch 235 films from 62 countries in 19 programs.

M.T. Abraham Group is a proud sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival Opening Gala.

With this sponsorship, M.T. Abraham Group continues to strengthen the local art and culture scene by supporting different projects throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mr. Amir Gross Kabiri, CEO of M.T. Abraham Group:

“The Sarajevo Film Festival has established itself as the leading film festival in the region and one of the main events of the film industry. The festival has been a platform for local and international talents, both emerging and well-known. Our Group is proud to partner with this important cultural and creative event, which positioned Sarajevo as an important cultural center in the region.” |