Core Values

We are passionate about our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy that is implemented throughout our organization, adopted by all employees and is aimed at achieving equal opportunities, a non-discriminatory and inclusive work environment. We consider this approach as a strategic factor in our success and we are also committed to presenting and implementing these values in the communities in which we operate.

Social Responsibility and Community Involvement are two of M.T. Abraham Group’s core values. By initiating and promoting education, sport and culture programmes, we Create Value for the community and its members, achieve community involvement and support for our business projects and social initiatives, invest in the future generation, increase its achievements and motivation to join our organization. These activities make the community, our local partners and employees, a part of our success story.

M.T. Abraham Group is committed to sustainability and environmental awareness and responsibility. Reducing our footprint on the environment, promoting environmental awareness and transitioning to renewable energy resources have been key objectives and taken into account in our day-to-day operations, project planning and strategic investments.

Unique and Leading Approach for Our Partners

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Integrity and Commitment in All Aspects of Business