Gas Supply

A Combined Cycle Cogeneration Gas Power Plant is been planned to be completed by 2026, with an annual production of 2,059,307 MWh. The combined cycle cogeneration gas power plant will be used for the production of electricity and heat and will contribute to the greater flexibility, stability and reliability of the electricity system of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The construction of a new gas interconnection; “Southern Interconnection Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia” has been recognised as a project of the highest priority for FBiH, HNC and the City of Mostar. The Southern Interconnection is based on the concept of diversification of resources and routes to ensure a safe natural gas supply. In order to ensure the supply of natural gas for the needs of the Combined Cycle Cogeneration Gas Power Plant, M.T. Abraham Group will execute the construction of a connecting gas pipeline to the southern interconnection Croatia–Bosnia and Herzegovina branch to Mostar.