Art Investments

As part of developing our investment portfolio pertaining to our fixed assets, we will be allocating 10% of our Group’s revenue annually and shifting it into investing in the art industry. Our strategy is to invest in a substantial and stable long-term asset, such as art, but also to be able to exhibit the work of art and to display it to the public. By doing so, we are also realizing our core value which is allocating significant funds towards social contribution and giving back to our society.

During the last two decades, the art market has been flourishing, as indicated by Art Market Research’s All-Art Index. As an asset class, fine art boasts a low correlation of only 0.12 to developed equities and acts as an inflation hedge, making it all the more favorable in this highly correlated and inflationary environment.

Historically speaking, the art market is relatively insulated from economic turmoil and tends to be last to decline and first to recover in recessionary periods, making it an investment seen by our group as essential to securing long-term asset value increase.