Art Newspaper Israel

The Art Newspaper Israel Edition is an online and print newspaper bringing exciting dimension to the global Art Newspaper network and community. The Art Newspaper is included in the leading information network for the arts around the world. It includes the British-American ‘The Art Newspaper’ (since 1990), Italian ‘Il Giornale dell’Arte’ (since 1983), French ‘Le Journal des Arts’, and Greek ‘Ta Nea Ti s Technis’. In 2013, the Chinese edition of the paper, The Art Newspaper China, joined the Umberto Allemandie publishing group. These periodicals are devised as an analogue to the major social and political newspapers such as the Guardian, the New York Times, and Corriere della Sera, but fully devoted to the art world.

The Art Newspaper is an online and print publication that covers the international art world and is connected by a network of sister publications, together include more than 50 correspondents working in more than 30 counties, with Israel being the latest addition. The concept provides news coverage of the visual arts as they are intersected with international politics, economics developments in laws, taxes, and environment and official cultural policy. The network has editorial offices in London, New York City, Turin, Paris, Moscow, and Beijing.