Cultural Development

The M.T. Abraham Group S.A. leadership played a key role in creating and implementing cultural hubs and major museum projects such as Guggenheim Bilbao, Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin, Guggenheim-Hermitage in Las Vegas and the development of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. Our Group’s involvement ranges from museum construction through art collection buildings, management and organization strategies, art investments all the way to the commercial and business aspects of art and cultural ventures.

We act as consultants to various government institutions regarding international cultural projects in Russia, Israel and China. The cultural projects which our Group chooses to be involved, some of the largest scale and cultural value while also keeping a dialog with their unique environment and having a great positive effect on it.

Cultural development projects are powerful generators of cultural capital. Cities and local communities and their elected officials look to cultural hubs, museums and other cultural anchors as a way of revitalising neighbourhoods and recent studies confirm their social and economic impact.

Cultural development projects are drivers of economic growth and community revitalization in a way that goes far beyond traditional economic impact analysis, they support creative industries, and also play an important role in helping cities attract a well-educated work force – the ‘creative class’ and the kinds of businesses that employ them. Such projects also strengthen cities’ identity and promote their overall image and appeal, both domestically and internationally.