Business Ethics

In establishing policies for and on behalf of the M.T. Abraham Group S.A., we, the Board of Directors, will serve as custodians in trust to the assets of our Group. We recognize the need for competency and commitment in each elected board member as they serve the Group with the highest ethical principles and responsibility. Board Members of the M.T. Abraham Group S.A., observe high standards of conduct and devote best efforts, skills, and resources to the interest of the Group. As Board Members, we will perform our duties and ensure that the integrity, objectivity, and impartiality of the Group’s mission are continually upheld.

With our commitment to honesty and integrity, all Board deliberations and decisions will be recorded in official minutes and Board Members will not knowingly take advantage or benefit from information obtained through official duties and activities. The Group continues to be dutiful in its responsibility to consider information which develops and improves its policies and strategies. Board Members will not release or share confidential information related to the Group or its partners without the written permission of the person who provided the information. As security and privacy is a core value for the Group, we strive to be mindful of trusted and confidential resources and work to establish policies that ensure the protection of the Group and all information.

As Board Members, we represent the Group both informally and formally to other organizations, societies, government officials, and business representatives. We recognize the importance to represent the Group in the highest standards and to maintain a positive impression of the Group and its activities to all. In our duties, we work to preserve and protect the reputation of the M.T. Abraham Group S.A. and will abstain from behaviour which might reflect poorly upon the Group or its representatives.