About Us

Since 2004, the M.T. Abraham Group S.A. is committed to providing its global partners with efficient solutions and successful operations. We believe in transparency and integrity in all activities of business. M.T. Abraham Group S.A. offers a unique and leading approach for our partners and provides corporations and government institutions with comprehensive analysis in each phase of the business cycle.

With vast experience in various regions and a global reach to financial institutions, corporations, and offices of government, M.T. Abraham Group S.A. is well-prepared to deliver the creative and strategic alliances needed for achievement. We are dedicated in our responsibility to deliver high-quality and expert results. The M.T. Abraham Group S.A. values integrity and commitment in all aspects of business. Our leadership team continues to provide complete discretion throughout the entire process of negotiation, contracting, and managing. With the combined strength and aptitude, the Group’s specialists work closely with each other to provide quality solutions to our partners. We believe that through long-term and honest relationships, mutual success is achieved.

We strive to uphold responsible corporate actions through honesty and fairness to maintain the highest ethical principles throughout the company. With innovation and respect we can achieve global business goals and ensure success for the Group and its partners. From large scale infrastructure projects to international partnerships, we provide rigorous and comprehensive analysis, beginning with the initial insights all the way to implementing tactical and concrete measures necessary for the realization of our partner’s strategy. The core strength of the M.T. Abraham Group S.A. begins with the exceptional expertise of our team. We dedicated and demonstrates remarkable knowledge and experience in all specialized components and business sectors.