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Executive Board & Trustees

Mr. Amir G. Kabiri, President
Ms. Tamar T. Kabiri, Director
Mr. Isaac M. Tamir, Chairman of the Board of Trustees 

Ms. Dalit L. Durst, Chief Curator
Mr. Marc Scheps, International Activities Advisor
Mr. Nicolas V. Iljine, Educational Activities Advisor
Ms. Karen Sanig, International Legal Advisor

Mr. Gordon Hausmann, Head of Legal Department
Mr. Alexander T. Lewis, Legal Advisor
Mr. Shay Etedgi, Catalogues & Design
Mrs. Antonina Bouis, Editorial & Translation

Mr. Avner Kreimer, Head of Accounting department
Ms. Pazit K. Toeg, General Secretary
Mr. Meidan Dvora, International Logistics
Ms. Anastasia Zielinski, Office Manager

Mr. Benjamin M. TamirInformation Technology
Mrs. Sharon T. GaleMedia Communication & Press
Mrs. Nurit Kabiri, Events Planning & Concept
Mr. Roy Levy, Photography

A basic principle established by the M.T. Abraham Foundation (the Foundation) is that its Board of Trustees (the Board) governs but has no authority to manage or administer the Foundation’s activities. The Board will govern through policies that are germane to both the Board and staff.

The Board has no employees. The President is its sole representative and its decision-maker. The Board advises the director of the Foundation who in turn provides direction to the staff. Employees of the Foundation have no daily responsibilities to the Board or its sub-committees. The Board holds the President accountable for all work performed by Foundation employees and outside contractors. The President in turn holds his/her senior Board members accountable for the stewardship of the Foundation.

The Board is the effective representative body of the Foundation’s founding family. The Board’s role is to act as stewards and ensure proper governance and compliance with Foundation’s mission, strategic plans, and policies. The implementation of the Board’s activities and policies rests with the President.

Board policies require the President’s oversight to achieve its mission. The President, while possessing flexibility in achieving these goals, must act within acceptable boundaries set out in the executive limitations policies. The Board delegates authority to the President to act within these aforementioned limitations. The President may thus establish operational policies, make decisions, and take actions, which are consistent with the Board’s directives. The Board respects the President’s decisions as long as s/he remains in office.